Monday, September 1, 2014

Fall Schedule Revealed

Fall is almost here. . .Cotton picking time is a-coming. . .This Farmer's Daughter is already feeling the excitement. . .But, there's another reason for it, too. . .We're resuming Farm Tours through our living history program. . .You won't see hand pickers in the field as in times past. . .What you will see is the activities of a Delta farmstead as it prepares for the coming winter during the Depression Era. . .
Come be a TIME TRAVELER with us. . .Join the activities. . .See the company/plantation store, the barns, the farm shop, the shotgun house. . .Visit with persons of the period. . .and Shop a little, too.
Tours are by reservation only and geared toward school field trips and groups of all ages, but individuals may join in on the fun those days, too. . .Time slots are now available. . .to be filled first come, first serve. . .Find more information and dates at: DUNCAN FARMSTEAD BLOG Jump on over there and read about all the happenings.

So, get that pick sack ready and join us at THE FARM. . .See you there!