Monday, September 29, 2014

Happy Faces

It's Fall and that means Field Trips. . .We've been blessed hosting several local school groups who have come to visit the farmstead and to learn about their Delta history. . .I do have a confession about the photos, though. . .These were taken a couple of years ago--with the permission of the students. . .Honestly, I'm so busy during our tours that I forget to take current photos. . .But, I assure you that the smiling faces are very much a part of any of the school field trips. . . .These happy kids were from the Gosnell School District. . .I snapped these shots while they were having a picnic lunch. . . .We had toured them earlier and once the lunch was over, they were free to walk around and revisit the places that interested them. . .It was really a fun day for us all. . .and we are having more fun days this year. . .We have added stations to visit and to experience hands-on displays. . .The shotgun house is open. . .There is a lot more vintage farm equipment to see. . .The company store has changed inside. . .More 1930s games. . .and a story or two from John and myself. . .It's an act of love for our Delta history and hopefully each student leaves with a better understanding of life in the 1930s.
We've been so busy that I haven't had the time to post sneak peeks of the farmstead. . .but. . .this week I will be catching you up. . .There will be much activity here on the blog, as well as at the farm. . .It's Fall and an exciting time for us all.
See You at the Farm