Monday, August 10, 2020

A Delta Story: The Old Post Office In The Company Store

Story and Photos by Dru Duncan

" The day was dusty hot as Gladys West walked along the gravel road and past her neighbor's homes. She was on her way to the post office inside the company store, only a half mile distance. Most days, she would stop along the way and share gossip with her friends, but today she was to pick up a shipment as soon as possible. The postmaster sent her a message of the arrival earlier that morning. He would be expecting her.

    Gladys entered the company store a bit out of breath. The screen door slammed loudly behind her as she nodded to the clerk and a couple of friends. She headed straight to the post office service window without stopping to exchange conversation with anyone.
   “I'm here to pick up my grandson," she told the postmaster. "His name is David. I believe he came by parcel post.” Mr. Holt looked up over his glasses and shook his head. “Yes, Mrs. Adams. He's right here beside me. Came in on Richardson's route.” 
    Little David was indeed there and had arrived through the post safe and sound. Gladys collected her delivery and headed home, telling the postmaster that her grandson would be returned in a week for shipment back to his parents. The price of stamps was a lot less than a train ticket. . ."

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Note: J. B. Richardson was the first postmaster in Dell, AR. Gladys and David are purely fictional.

Article was dedicated to Marguerite Brownlee, who was postmaster for over forty years and who donated the old Dell Post Office to our historic district.  

Hope you enjoy it!

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