Sunday, September 21, 2014

Gladys Watson's Delta Folk Art

 I have often posted about the Folk Art of our local artist Gladys Watson of Monette, AR. . .Gladys left a legacy of artwork depicting the Delta farm life on anything she could get her hands on. . .Read her story and see how close she has come to documenting our own farm at:
The scenes she painted were once common to Northeast Arkansas but now are pretty much gone. . .Where tenant houses and barns once sat there's only miles and miles of farmland and crops. . .Farmers now work 18,000 acres with a crew of 8-10. . .The small farmers are gone. . .and with them went farm scenes such as in Gladys's paintings.
Many of us have a collection of her work. . .I rarely see it for sale anywhere. . .which is interesting since most of her work was done in the late 1980s-1990s and should be showing up at antique malls. . .Every now and then I hear from a fellow collector such as Becky Mojica who inherited this collection that I'm sharing with you from her Mom Mary Jo Edwards. . .She has several pieces that I don't have. . .proof that Gladys painted on anything. . .Thanks so much for sharing them Becky!
You'll be able to view a few pieces of Gladys Watson's Delta Folk Art on our farm tours. . .
Her work holds a prominent spot in our Company Store. . .along with vintage photos of our own tenant houses that once stood on the Magers-Duncan Farm. . . They too are gone now. . .only memories. . .so. . .come on. . .and. . .
Experience life on a 1930s Delta Farmstead.
From The Farmer's Daughter Collection