Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sneak Peeks

Busy-busy-busy. . .That's what it's been around here for the last two months. . .First came the clean-up. . .of grass and weeds (still have lots of those). . .of the barn stalls and their vintage equipment. . .the shotgun house, the corn crib, the company store. . .the outhouse (can't forget that one).

C. A.'s Grocery got an overhaul inside. . .Cowboy's shotgun home now looks as if he's just stepped out for a while--the kitchen and front room filled with items from that era. . .The Widner barn has additional farming equipment--as well as vintages pieces from a sawmill that was located on the Steven's Plantation and donated by Lewis Lammers. . . There's an early John Deere wagon, too, and the old Springfield wagon that brought my Grandparents to Arkansas. . .The screened corn crib has been scrubbed, redecorated and waiting with comfy chairs and a hanging swing. . .My, my. . .I could go on and on. . .but I guess maybe I should just give you a sneak peek, shouldn't I?

So, for the next few weeks, I'll be doing just that. . .sharing photos of the farmstead as we put the finishing touches everywhere for our Fall Tours and Field Trips. . .along with my usual posts and stories about life on a Delta cotton farm. . .Whee. . .So much to do. . .So little time. . .Yet, so much fun. . .It's so satisfying to see the old farm come back to life. . .an exciting time for us. . .and we hope for you, too. . .

Join us this Fall. . .We'll have everything ready for you. . .we hope. . .(grin)