Monday, August 18, 2014

Our 30s Grocery: Almost There

or. . "By George, I've almost got it. . ."

Here's a sneak preview of our vintage grocery store. . Still a little messy. . needs more organization. . and maybe a few items re-boxed. . general cleaning. . and dusting. .but it's getting there. .The boxes are empty and off the floor. . We haven't seen the floor for well over a year. . Way too many boxes of collections and family treasures and junkin' finds. . and then there were the numerous donations that I wanted to include, since it's part of our Delta heritage, too. . I thought I'd never get to the end of everything. . I would not give up when others did--as in 'John' who thought it unrealistic that I'd find room for everything. . I did pack up a lot for an estate sale or giant yard sale or something in the future. . that will come much later. . For now, tweaking is my goal so that all will be ready for the Fall tours. . So much to do elsewhere as well. . a total of six or seven buildings that will open. .but the grocery is 'the place to see' as far as I'm concerned. . I've loved this building ever since I was a little bitty girl and fought against its demise for years before it became totally mine. . I'll tell you more about it later. .When I get everything pretty much in order, I'll give you a short tour. . All kinds of photographic possibilities. .Til then you'll just have to be teased a little. .You don't mind, do you?

This is where the fun part comes in for me. .the tweaking. . I consider it  'play' more than work.

There's a lesson in this for us all. .  that in life we often have to work through the hard stuff--and don't give up--in order to get to the fun--when. . .
once again.