Monday, June 30, 2014

One of the Best Quick Breads I've Ever Made

From Grape Nuts. .Yes. .You heard me right. .Grape Nuts. . Don't rule it out until you try it!
To tell you the truth, I would NEVER have tried it myself if I hadn't found half a box of Grape Nuts from who knows what year in the pantry. . .I have enough Scottish blood in my veins that it is almost impossible for me to throw anything out. . .that and I was raised by parents who went through the Great Depression. . .I mean, how stale can Grape Nuts get? . .They're hard as a rock to begin with.
I remembered a vintage recipe I'd seen in my cookbook collection for Grape Nuts Bread. . .I also remembered questioning, "How good could that be?" as I put the cookbook back on the shelf. . .This was my opportunity to find the answer to my question. . .I'll try anything once. . .Let me tell you, you could have knocked me over with a feather when I tried the first slice. . .I was utterly surprised. . .It was very moist and light, just sweet enough, and scrumptious. . .There's no other word for it. . .I could have eaten the entire loaf right then and there.
This one's a keeper. . .Seriously. . .
We're diligently at work here on the farm but one day this week, I'm having time out for tea (iced tea, of course), slices of Grape Nuts Bread and maybe homemade peach jam on the side. . .Won't John be surprised? . .Tea Bread to stave off hunger til supper. . .Yum. . .