Friday, October 14, 2016

Fall Photo Shoot for a New Primitive Magazine

It's FALL. . .and HARVEST SEASON. . .The Farmer's have been taking every good weather opportunity to get those crops out of the field. . .The highway in front of our home sees more traffic this time of the year than the other ten months together.  .
People, too, seem to be energized after the long hot Summer. . .It happens every year. . .and because of that, we are at our busiest. . .There doesn't seem to be enough time to squeeze in all the requests. . .but there is one that we couldn't turn down.

A new country magazine is in the planning stage to hit the newstands sometime in 2017. . .It will feature the SOUTH in a brand new way. . .highlighting our unique homeplaces. . .in the same PRIM fashion as 'A Primitive Place' and 'Mercantile Gathering'. . .but featuring the antiques and primitive CHARM of places in the South. . .influenced by our Southern CULTURE.
I was so excited when I heard from the Editor about this new concept for a PRIM MAGAZINE. . .even more so when she invited us to be a part of next Fall's issue. . .along with our COTTON FIELDS, LOG HOUSE, and PIONEER COSTUMES. . .
Of course, those photos had to be shot this year, since there is no COTTON open during the summer when the Fall Issue will be published. . .So it was into my pioneer clothing I went. . .influenced by the colonial French. . .for a morning of photos. . .John grabbed our camera and we took the ones I'm showing you today. . .The magazine photos taken by a professional are under wraps (or so they say). . .I can't show you those. . .sorry. . .

We're keeping our fingers crossed that John will finish the LOG HOUSE in the coming months, including the interior. . .If so, we'll have another photo shoot sometime next year. . .Won't it be fun to see how the pioneers lived inside this tiny log house?
I'll share more information about SOUTHERN PRIMITIVE MAGAZINE once it begins publishing. . .I can hardly wait. . .It's about time us DELTA FOLK are recognized nationally in such a positive way. . .Don't you agree?

A Note to Our Delta Friends: Please know that each time we are honored to be a part of magazines, documentaries, or anything else that brings our way of life to the forefront in a positive light, it also honors everyone tied to this Delta area. . .We hope it makes you feel a little prouder of the heritage of which you are a significant part. . .You and your families have given us this legacy. . .this story. . .that we are honored to make known to the rest of the world. . .and we thank you.