Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Shining Up the '56 Chevy Bob Truck

Wow! I never thought a little shining up of the bob truck would make such a difference. . .

BEFORE (Fall 2015)

BEFORE (2012)

The goal was to protect what's left of the truck paint from another winter of ice and snow. . .I never dreamed it would look so good with just a day of 'elbow grease'. . .
This truck is so special to us. . .It happens that it was bought new by my Dad for this very farm back in 1956. . .It was sold to the Dilldines in 1975 when Daddy retired. . .As a child, I rode with my Dad in this truck many times. . .A LONG story of how it ended up back home. . .If you'd like to read more about it. . . CLICK HERE 
Besides the obvious link to my Dad, there is another reason the truck means so much to us. . .We left the  'DILLDINE FARMS' name on the doors in memory of our friend Tommy Dilldine. . .whose family has farmed our land since 1975. . .I'll never forget how much care and support Tommy gave us when John and I moved here in 2005. . .I'd known Tommy all my life and it was sure special to have him take such an interest in us. . .Any time we needed anything, Tommy was there. . .We'll never forget his kindness. . .and honor him in this very small way. 
Now that the cab looks so good, the truck bed needs some attention, too, doesn't it?. . .Those thick cypress boards have lasted several decades but with each winter, they deteriorate more. . .Finding cypress to replace them may be a challenge. . .We'll 'worry' about that next year. . .since Winter is almost here and we have other projects more pressing. . .Maybe in the Spring? . .Of course we'll keep you posted. . .(grin)