Monday, March 9, 2015

Lights-Camera-Action...We're Gonna Be In Pictures


On Sunday. . .with banks of snow still piled high and the threat of rain. . .Carter Moody made his way to the Duncan Farmstead to begin filming a documentary about the history of Dell (AR), past and present . . . A junior at Armorel High School, Carter's family is well-rooted in Delta history. . . His father Glenn attended Dell and Gosnell Schools--born and raised in the small community of Half Moon. He now farms and owns the Farmers First Gin Company outside of Dell. . .Carter's mom Debbie is a Mississippi County native, too, attending school in Blytheville. She now teaches 6th grade at Armorel.
The Arkansas Historic Places Student Film Competition was suggested to Carter by the East School facilitator Mrs. Bell. She knew of his interest in filmmaking and local history, encouraging him to enter. . .As it turned out, the project has become two-fold. . . First to enter the Arkansas competition with a 15 minute documentary, in which he could choose a building or a place of historical significance. . .He decided instead of a single building that he wanted to document the town of Dell and its history. . .how it has changed over the years. He realized that many of the stories are being lost and wanted to help record some of them. . .maybe teach others a little of our Delta history along the way.

"There is a real sophistication in the work of Arkansas's young filmmakers. . .When students work with their own ideas and are allowed to create freely, the results can be astounding. . . Student films are worth seeing. You come away charmed and surprised by the talent.”  (AETN)

The second project is for the East Conference, where local students come together and share a few of their school projects. . . It's all about community and teamwork. . . Several of Carter's class mates will play a big part in the editing and prep of both documentaries, the second documentary being much longer then 15 minutes. Carter will represent Armorel at the conference.

We were thrilled that much of Carter's documentary will be based on an interview with myself, our photos and research. . .Carter is a delightful young man. . .and we are proud to help foster his creativity. . .We'll be watching closely for the outcome. . .If it were left up to me. . .of course, he'd win the prize. . .He certainly won our hearts. . .We are so excited that he'll be representing the Delta in the competition and conference.

FilmPrizeLogoAETN's Student Selects: A Young Filmmakers Showcase is an annual event that grants future filmmakers the opportunity to submit their film and video handiwork for possible broadcast on AETN, streaming on and screening at the Little Rock Film Festival (LRFF) and the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival (HSDFF).

In partnership with the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program and the Arkansas Humanities Council, ninth through 12th grade students may compete for the Arkansas Historic Places Student Film Prize, which honors student documentaries about any historic site in the state. Films must focus on a site in Arkansas that is at least 50 or more years old. Films are awarded prizes based on geographical location of the subject matter – the Ozarks, the Ouachitas, the Arkansas River Valley, the Timberlands and the Delta. 
Watch for more about Carter and his projects in the Town Crier Newspaper. . .coming soon. . .