Monday, October 13, 2014

White as Snow

This is what we're all about Everyone. . .COTTON. . .The fields have been as white as snow this year. . .I love seeing it outside our windows. . .I love the smell of it drying in the sun. . .I love walking through the fields when the bolls are full and plump and ready to pick. . .I even love riding in the picker every time I get a chance.

We are literally surrounded by fields and fields of COTTON. . .

Fall activity is exciting as the farmers try to beat the weather and get everything picked before any rains or storms show up. . .Half Moon Farms worked into the night--with lights on--last Thursday, trying to get our fields picked. . .Then it began to rain. . .and rain. . .and rain. . .Today we're to get more rain and wind. . .There's much more COTTON to be picked, so we're saying our prayers and keeping our fingers crossed that the crop will still be there once everything dries out. . .Farming isn't a stress free lifestyle. . .Daddy used to say that growing COTTON was a bigger gamble than playing the river casinos. . .The cards are stacked against you. . .yet. . .he wouldn't consider doing anything else. . .and neither would I. . .There's just something about it. . .a rush and a thrill each Fall as we see all the hard work and worry turn into Fields White as Snow. . .one of the many times when LIFE IS GOOD. . .on a COTTON FARM.